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Gold panning
Hunting those elusive gold nuggets in the pools.

Birthday Parties
Make that next one memorable
and educational!

Families have been celebrating birthday parties with us since 1992. This is your party! Staff will welcome you, assist at the start of the program, and then step back, so you can enjoy a special time with your youngsters. Parental supervision is always needed.

1. Story time

Start by having one of the parents read a thoughtful tale entitled Everybody needs a rock. It takes about ten minutes, and prepares the children for when they go rockhounding outside.

Story time
Tell us a story!

2. Hunting for gemstones

Each child receives a medium size ($8.00) collector's bag and the party goes into the Scratch Patch where they spend between 15 and 30 minutes collecting semi-precious gemstones, tropical shells, and panning for gold and pyrite in the pools. Whatever fits in their bags, they keep.

H8unting gems
Outdoor gem, shell & gold hunting.

3. Being creative

The party then moves indoors to the work tables.

  • Each child makes a shell or gemstone necklace and then:
  • Those 8 or older move on to the scavenger hunt quiz, with prizes, at the Interpretive Centre.
  • Younger children decorate treasure boxes in which to store their goodies.

Craft time
Creating crafts with glue guns..

  • Recommended ages: 6 - 12
  • Recommended time: 60-90 minutes.
  • Cost per child: $10.00 plus tax

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