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Peering into a magical world of minerals & fossils
Peering into a magical world of minerals & fossils.

The Interpretive Centre

Welcome to a family oriented, hands-on
experience of the Earth Sciences.
And it's FREE to visit!

If you've ever picked up a rock on a beach, or paused at a road cutting to wonder what was in those colourful strata, then you've come to the right place! The Interpretive Centre is an area within Mineral World given over exclusively to experiencing rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils!.

Feel those minerals!
Hands-on mineral specimens.

There's a great range of hands-on displays, which encourage you to look, interact and learn. Parents with small children will usually work as a team, but children over the age of 8 are capable of experiencing this area for themselves, at their own learning pace.

Each display has been carefully developed to illustrate some aspect of this fascinating planet on which we live. Peer into a lighted box, where a wheel of fossils, ancient and not so ancient, can be rotated into view. Gold is heavy, right? But just how heavy? Try to lift a standard Reserve Bank gold bar, weighing 400 troy ounces. It's a lot heavier than you'd expect, and illustrates the principle of density.
Can rocks really float? Sure! And there are two on display which do so for very different reasons! Try to figure it out for yourself, but if you're stumped by the puzzle, there are labels to explain and challenge.

Push a button and see what happens....
Interactive displays.
Rewarding young Earth Scientists
Entirely free to visit, Mineral World is pleased to offer the chance for budding young scientists to show what they're made of -- ask for a Quiz Form when you buy any size of Scratch Patch bag. On the Form are ten multiple-choice questions. All the answers are found in the Interpretive Centre. Answer them all correctly, and you can pick a prize from the Prize Box! Choose from geodes, flint arrowheads, crystals and more!

Do you want to see bugs in amber under a magnifier? How about touching large hand-samples of rocks and crystals? There's a display about meteorites, and another about jade too! How about rockhounding on Vancouver Island? There's a funky kaleidoscope, where the colours and patterns are formed by brightly-hued minerals. And there's everyone's favourite, the ultra-violet mineral display, where you can change the samples and watch them glow in the dark! Static displays on jade and mineral collecting.
Static displays too.

Mineral World
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