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"Thank you so much for making our day at the Scratch Patch a success. We had a very enjoyable and educational time!."
Torquay Elementary School

"When Mrs. M--- told the class that we were going on a field trip to Mineral World I was so excited. I really injoyed the thing when you get to find the rocks."
Gordon Head School

"Thanks again ... the children really enjoyed the field trip, and voted it their best field trip of the year. (It even beat out free pizza!)"
Hans Helgesen School

"Thank you for teaching us about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. I liked learning that some rocks can float."
Gordon Head School

"The best part I think was when we got to hold the rocks and when ever one came to me I smelled it they didn't smell very good."
Uplands Elementary

".. you .. have a very nice way with children, allowing them movement with guided instruction. We all enjoyed the day, and many of us will be back."
Brentwood Elementary School

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Hands-on learning, with lots of specimens to see and touch.

School Programs
If you are a teacher or parent looking for a great class outing, and you haven't visited before, you're in for a treat! Welcome to an exciting place where we learn and have fun at the same time!

Every year since 1992 we have hosted a growing number of classes. Under the direction of trained staff, your class is assured of an entertaining and educational experience.

Introduction to Gems, Rocks & Minerals
An introductory 60 minute program for grades K - 1, this lesson includes a talk on rock types, hand specimens, and free time collecting gemstones.

Introduction to earth science
Introduction to Earth Science.

Intermediate Gems, Rocks & Minerals Project
A 90 minute program for grades 2 - 6, this lesson includes a talk on rock types, hand specimens, a mineral craft project, and free time collecting gemstones.

Intermediate earth science
Intermediate Earth Science.

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