Listen and learn

Listen and learn.

Introduction to
Gems, Rocks
& Minerals

Suitable for Grades K- 1
who are new to the
Earth Sciences

The class is introduced to the orgin of rocks and minerals through the talk About rocks & minerals. This takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on age and previous knowledge. After completing this section, the class moves to the Scratch Patch for their Free time collecting.

Panning for gold

Panning for gold.

Learning Outcomes
Grade K-1:
Addresses 2 learning outcomes.

Cost is $5.00 (including taxes) per student, minimum of 15 students. We have hosted hundreds of classes since 1992. It gets very busy in May/June, so please book well in advance.
Typically, the program takes 60 minutes.

Identify Your Gemstones

Collecting gemstones

1. About rocks & minerals

The students sit around a staff member, who teaches them some of the basics of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Hand specimens are passed around, and students are encouraged to touch, feel and learn.

2. Free time collecting

Students are supplied with collector's bags, and encouraged (with their new knowledge) to fill them with whatever takes their fancy in the Scratch Patch. If time permits, a lesson in gold panning is included. These bags go back to school, where they often generate lots more questions!

3. Visiting the Interpretive Centre

If enough parent helpers are available, students are welcome to visit the Interpretive Centre, an area of interactive exhibits featuring static and dynamic models illustrating the Earth Sciences. No more than 3 students per supervisor, please.

Mineral World & Scratch Patch

On the waterfront
9891 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC
Phone: (250)655-GEMS

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